Integrated Security Model

Administrator managed user-level access control. Username and password authentication. Optionally encrypt data traveling between the server and workstations.

Advanced Search

Extremely powerful searching capabilities are built into the Advanced Search Query any field that you enter information into – ie, Diagnosis, Date of Report, Date of Biopsy, or Referring Physician

Print to PDF

Print any report directly to a secured and encrypted PDF. Useful for storing PDF copies of reports on a server for backup, attaching a report to a secure email, or delivering a report to be incorporated into your client's EMR/EHR.

Persistent Case List

Case list is always on the screen for easy, rapid access to cases. Filterable by case number, patient name, status of case, and date range. Sortable by case number, patient name, and date.

AP Easy Add-Ons

  • Autofax
  • Web Reporting
  • E-Mail Report Delivery
  • Interfaces
  • Online Order Entry
  • AP Easy has over 600 installations in independent, clinical practice, and hospital pathology labs around the world!!!!!!


    AP Easy is an information management system for the anatomic pathology laboratory. Since 1994, AP Easy has helped over 500 pathology labs worldwide to organize data, manage work flow and generate reports for both clients and internal use.


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