5 reasons to replace your current LIS with AP Easy



1. AP Easy Is Easy to Use

You work closely with your LIS daily. While each day brings new challenges, your LIS should not be something that adds extra stress to your life.

AP Easy has worked with pathologist for the past 25 years to create a workflow that is efficient in a software that is easy to use. Our development team is always looking for the next thing to make sure the AP Easy experience is streamlined and provides stress free use so you can focus on your patients.

2. We Innovate

Healthcare is an ever changing landscape. In order to keep on top of changes, you need an LIS that is flexible. We work hard to make sure our software helps your lab meet CLIA requirements.

Our development team is always finding ways to make our software better and adapt to any changes that my come to pass. We work with our labs and keep an open dialog with them for suggustions on anything they would like to see included in AP Easy.

3. Full integration solutions to meet your needs

DataXchange is a cloud platform from AP EASY that simplifies integrating your LIS software with all popular EMR and Practice management systems. DataXchange allows laboratories connect with EMR systems of choice to receive electronic orders and send results electronically to the referring physician offices. DataXchange also allows laboratories to connect with all Popular Practice Management Software’s and Billing Systems, for electronic exchange of all Billing Information and Patient Demographic data.

4. AP Easy is cloud based so updates are a breeze!

Updating and upgrading a software can require a large amount of resources. This can take the form of new servers or finding time to train new employees. 

AP Easy is cloud based which means that updates will never stop your labs work flow. We have short easy to digest videos we provide along with a full manual as well as one on one training sessions. 

5. We Provide Responsive Technical Support and Training

Having a well-trained, knowledgeable and responsive technical support team can make a huge difference in how smoothly your laboratory runs. AP Easy is dedicated to delivering high-quality support to our customers worldwide.

AP Easy has been named a global leader in anatomic pathology software solutions by many market research organizations We are dedicated to helping your lab maximize efficiency and reach its goals. 

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