AP Easy: Cloud vs On-premise

AP Easy Cloud Platform

All of Your AP Easy Needs – Anywhere, Anytime

  • The freedom of the cloud. The AP Easy Cloud platform allows you to work from any computer that has internet access. With unique usernames and passwords, team members will be able to accession, review, edit, sign (and more) cases securely from any computer at any time.
  • Simple set up, simple access. No more long installs or specialized hardware, the cloud based platform allows set up to be as simple as visiting your favorite website. No more worrying about making sure your computer hardware can run the software, the power of AP Easy is now available through your internet browser.
  • Goodbye maintenance headaches. With no on site servers required, the cloud based version of AP Easy eliminates nearly all of the maintenance that was required in the past. No more setting up servers or manually backing up your database – we’ve got you covered. Our team handles the server maintenance, allowing you to focus on your lab.
  • Same great features. The freedom of the cloud, the power of AP Easy. With all the great features you need, and the great customer service you’ve come to expect, the AP Easy cloud based platform can help you smoothly transition your lab into the digital age.


AP Easy On-Premise Platform

Control and Customization

  • Fully customizable to fit your needs. The latest version of our AP Easy on-premise platform can be tailored in every way to meet the needs of your lab. Whatever you need to ensure an efficient work flow, AP Easy can be customized to make sure anything that sets your lab apart can still be included.
  • Make your own hardware choices. With the on-premise version of AP Easy, you can decide what hardware to upgrade and when to do it. Possibly saving you money in the long run by investing in top of the line servers with the newest technologies, when you feel it’s necessary.
  • No internet, no problem. With all of your data hosted on site, you are not at the mercy of a stable internet connection. A lost internet connection, due to a storm or hardware issue, doesn’t need to mean lost productivity. As long as you have access to your on site server, you’ll have access to all the data of your lab.
  • Same great features. The full AP Easy experience, customized to suit your needs. Our on-premise platform offers all the great features you need, and the great customer service you’ve come to expect. For those that need full control and customization, look no further than the latest version of AP Easy.