Deliver Results Automatically To Your Clients

  • Deliver your results automatically by E-mail, Auto Fax, Secure Web Site, and/or direct interface to client EMR/EHR. Check out theĀ Add-Ons page for details.

Integrated Security Model

  • Full username and password authentication for each user.
  • Permissions System
    – Administrator managed user-level access control.
  • Encryption of data being passed between the server and workstations
    – Requires server based installation

Persistent Case List

  • Case list is always on the screen for easy, rapid access to cases.
  • Filterable by case number, patient name, pathologist/cytotech, case type, status of case and date range.
  • Sortable by case number, patient name and date.
  • View/Print, Sign, Un-sign or Amend case directly from case list.

Imaging Support

  • Insert images and graphics into AP Easy
    -Include inserted images on the final report or simply store the images with the case for future reference.
    -Insert images DIRECTLY into AP Easy with just two clicks of the mouse via a TWAIN-compatible microscope camera.
    -Insert image files by selecting a file or selecting an entire directory to insert the images in a batch.
  • Store common line art graphics in a library for reuse
    -Create/acquire your own line art graphics that can be used on many cases by storing them in the Images Library.
  • Mark and Caption each image inserted on a final report.
  • Support for many common image types
    – ie. JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIF

Case Document Management – Go Paperless!

  • Store digital versions of Requisitions, Consults, Outside Lab Results, etc with each case.
    -Scan paper documents directly into AP Easy via a TWAIN-compatible scanner
  • Insert multiple documents all at once.
    -Drop all your files into a single directory using the Accession/Case Number in the file names and AP Easy will insert all the files in that directory into each respective case with a single menu selection.
  • Print stored documents with the AP Easy Final Report.
    -It’s as simple as marking a box. AP Easy will print any document marked to be printed with the Case Report each time you print the Case Report.

Special Requests

  • From special stains to deeper cuts, it’s as simple as selecting a request from a list.
  • User maintained library of requests.
    -Requests can be categorized for easy lookup.
    -CPT Codes can be directly associated with a request for auto-coding.
  • Requests appear in a fully filterable list for easy access by Histology staff.
    -Filter the list by date, pathologist who requested, request, status(Complete or Pending), and Case Number.
    -Print slide labels for the request.

Slide/Bottle Label Printing

  • Print slide labels directly from AP Easy.
    -allows for printing of labels for blocks AND levels.

Consolidated Existing Patient Check

  • Patient check is now done without requiring multiple screens.
  • Patient record checked against case records when modifying or deleting a patient record to help prevent errant removal or modification of an existing patient.

Macros (Canned Text) Support

  • Fully user controlled macro capabilities.
  • Users can add, remove, modify macros for use when entering case data.
    -user can specify a specific field to use a macro in or for use in any field.
  • Support for multiple specimen macros.
    -populate multiple specimens by inserting a single macro on the case.
    -For example, you can populate all parts of a Prostate report with one button button click or keystroke.
  • Support for linking macros together for one click insertion of multiple macros.
    -Macros of any type can be linked together.
    -For example, you can link site, procedure, gross description, and CPT codes together to auto-populate those fields with standard, canned text with a SINGLE button click or keystroke.

Advanced Search

  • Extremely powerful searching capabilities are built into the Advanced Search
  • Query any field that you enter information into
    – ie, Diagnosis, Date of Report, Date of Biopsy, or Referring Physician

Filter As You Type

  • See possible matches as you type.
    -When filtering case list and libraries(ie. Patients, Physicians, Macros, etc.), entering patient, physician(s), and macros on any case.

Print to PDF

  • Print any report directly to a secured and encrypted PDF. Useful for storing PDF copies of reports on a server for backup, attaching a report to a secure email, or delivering a report to be incorporated into your client’s EMR/EHR.

WYSIWYG Printing of Final Reports

  • What you see when viewing a report on a screen is exactly what you get when the report is printed.

Calendar Based Date Entry

  • All dates can be chosen from a pop-up calendar.
    – Eliminates data-entry errors.

Improved User Interface/Navigation

  • Icon based buttons for visual representation
  • Tooltip system
    – Pass the mouse over an icon and a tip will appear explaining the button’s intended use.
  • Multiple window user interface

Sign-out Helper

  • Administrator controlled list of fields that are required to have information entered before a case can be signed out.
  • User will be informed at sign-out if a case is missing information.
  • If the user chooses to fix the missing information, a list of fields missing information will appear.

Audit Trail

Log activity from simple access of a case to field modification, sign out, and viewing of a reports.

  • Each log entry includes who did what and when.
  • Some examples of activity that is logged:
    -User Log-in and Log-out of AP Easy
    -Modification of Case Creation, Patient Demographics, and Diagnosis
    -Accessing and Signing Out of Cases
    -Viewing/Printing of Final Reports
  • If there is activity that AP Easy doesn’t log, out-of-the-box, that you want logged, we are happy to add it for you.


AP Easy is an information management system for the anatomic pathology laboratory. Since 1994, AP Easy has helped over 500 pathology labs worldwide to organize data, manage work flow and generate reports for both clients and internal use.


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