How APEasy can make your lab more efficient

How APEasy Supports Your Lab

For most labs there are many tasks and actions taking place, often at the same time. Accessing cases; Adding patients and physicians, generating reports, applying stains to specimens, and all this information needs to be available for review at any time.

With all work that goes on behind the scenes at your lab, it is not surprising that keeping up with all the manual tasks involved can cause workflow to grind to a crawl.  Some labs attempt to manage all these tasks manually, utilizing spreadsheets and notebooks to track specimens, and results. This wastes both time and resources and ups the possibility of error.

Enter APEasy Cloud. A Laboratory Information System that can drastically increase the efficiency of your lab . APEasy will streamline lab operations, manage cases, samples. stains. Generate customer reports, and increase your workflow. APEasy makes sure that all data is available digitally whenever it is needed, and is fully HIPAA compliant

The benefits APEasy offers 

There are numerous ways that APEasy can increase your labs efficiency  . some of the many benefits of utilizing  APEasy:

Real-Time Information on all your cases

Imagine if you could view your lab’s cases, samples, stains, and audit logs,  right online. Rather than checking one piece of documentation over here, looking through emails there, and pulling up spreadsheets, APEasy provides one central location for all your lab’s data. You can drill down into any section to see the details you need, for example, the status of a case, specimen diagnosis, or view any of the reports. Each team member can be given access to varying degrees depending on job function.

Cloud Based AWS  means APEasy is  always available 

One of the most important aspects of APEasy Cloud is the ability to electronically accession and save all your cases via our secure AWS servers. Not only does this increase the efficiency of your lab and allow you to access APEasy on a myriad of devices, but it also eliminates the need for a large physical storage space saving your lab money and upkeep of a bulky server. 

Investing in success the APEasy way 

APEasy is one of the best investments you can make for your lab. Few other investments have such a significant improvement on the efficiency of your lab.  APEasy can help your lab track case status, decrease turn around time, and give you access to all your data at the click of a button.

Give us a call today and put your lab on the fast track  

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