E-Mail Report Delivery (Available in version 2 Only)

E-mail reports directly from AP Easy as secure, password encrypted attachments.

  • Reports can be e-mailed automatically at sign out to the physicians referenced on the case and/or anytime after a case is signed out to ANY physician in your physician library.
  • Reports are sent in PDF format in a Zip archive file. You have the option of password protecting the PDF report, the Zip file or both. Note: AP Easy will not send a report to a physician unless at least one file(PDF or Zip) is set to be password protected.
  • Password protected PDF files are encrypted with 128-bit RC4 encryption. Password protected Zip files are encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Assign each physician a unique password for accessing the reports delivered.
  • Batches of reports to a single physician can be sent as individual PDF files or all in a single PDF file.
  • Single physician has multiple e-mail addresses? No problem. You can enter multiple e-mail addresses for a single physician.
  • Limit the number of reports that can be sent in each e-mail message by physician. It is not uncommon for e-mail servers to have a size limit on e-mail attachments. If you have a client that isn’t receiving your e-mailed reports because their e-mail server is blocking the attachments due to the size restriction, simply reduce the number of reports sent in each e-mail to that client.

Auto Fax

Fax reports directly from AP Easy via a secure web-based faxing solution. Don’t want to use our secure web-based faxing solution? No problem. AP Easy can deliver PDF versions of your faxes to a directory or FTP site of your choosing for use with your own localized faxing software.

  • Reports can be faxed automatically at sign out to the physicians referenced on the case and/or anytime after a case is signed out to ANY physician in your physician library.
  • Cases are queued up and faxed in batches. This means your clients will get one fax with all their reports instead of individual faxes for each of their reports.
  • Optionally, reports can be faxed individually with or without a cover sheet. Why fax each report individually without a cover sheet? Well, there are many EMRs/EHRs out there that can act as a receiving fax machine. This allows your clients to receive the reports, via fax, directly into their EMR/EHR.

Web Reporting

Make the final reports available to your clients via a secure web site using any of the major web browsers from anywhere in the world.

  • Your clients will be able to log-in using their own personal user name and password and search through their cases by patient name, case number, and date or report.
  • The reports are made available as secured PDFs. Your clients can view and print their reports directly from their web browser or download the PDFs for their own use such as inserting them into their EMR/EHR.
  • Have a client that wants to allow access to their reports by colleagues or staff members? No problem. You or your client can link internet reporting users together making their reports available to a specified user or group of users.

Share/Interface Data with other Applications

Send data to and/or receive data from a client, hospital, or clinic application.

  • SEND data to and RECEIVE data from other applications such as EMR/EHR, billing, outside transcription services, etc.
  • Support for the HL7 Specification
    -The HL7 specification is a health industry standard protocol for sharing data between health industry applications. By supporting HL7, AP Easy can share data with any application that supports HL7. In other words, AP Easy can share data with pretty much any health industry application.
  • Support for non-HL7 Specifications
    -Does the application you want to share data with not support the HL7 specification? No problem! We haven’t met a specification that we haven’t been able to support. Our programming platform allows us to easily adhere to unique specifications.
  • AP Easy has been interfaced with many applications, some of which you might recognize:
    -Allscripts, gMed, NexTech, NextGen, eClinical, MD Reports, GE Centricity, MediNotes, and many more.


AP Easy is an information management system for the anatomic pathology laboratory. Since 1994, AP Easy has helped over 500 pathology labs worldwide to organize data, manage work flow and generate reports for both clients and internal use.


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