Why APEasy Cloud is the perfect fit for your lab

APEasy cloud will change the game for your lab


The benefits of APEasy’s cloud based Laboratory Information System

Stage 1: Small beginnings

The first and one of the most important things that needs to be done is securing a space for the lab.  Next, is figuring out what equipment is needed and how the lab will procure it. Last is setting up a network with vendors to get the lab stocked with the reagents and supplies. 

Stage 2: Getting your hands dirty

Once everything is in place, the team can begin working. Many labs opt to go with a desktop based system to create cases and generate reports. They pay their IT departments large sums to set up  local servers. Since most labs start small we find that to cut cost they will user older windows servers to host their system.  This may work during the first few months, and even years but after a while it  becomes clear that this system can be a more costly option.

Stage 3: Cracks in the system

As the lab starts to grow it becomes harder and harder to use these systems as more users are working labs can notice extremely slow performance due to hardware limitations.   The amount of time it takes to enter a case can increase due to poor performance and slow down workflow. This can result in more time on the phone with tech support than creating new cases. Ultimately workflow comes to a grinding halt. 

Stage 4: The Final Straw

After a few years of playing phone tag with IT and frustrations due to physical hardware limitations  Microsoft announces that they will no longer support the server the lab is using to run the system.This casues the system to fall out of  HIPAA compliance.

Stage 5: Where’s my paddle

What are your options? You could invest in a newer more costly server and run into the same issue in the future, You can postpone the inevitable by paying Microsoft an extended support fee, or run the risk of being out of  HIPAA compliance. Many labs come to the conclusion that they need a system that will no longer be limited by  the age of their  hardware and server. 

Stage 6: APEasy to the rescue! 

APEasy is here to offer a better way. Our LIS will allow you to create and view cases, specimens stains and much more virtually anywhere using our secure AWS cloud based servers. Because our software is cloud based you will never have to worry about falling out of HIPAA compliance or performance issues because of old hardware.  If you have an internet connection you can access APEasy on a myriad of different devices from anywhere.  We also offer an onsite option that allows us to customize the software to any specification. 

Stage 7: Finding solid ground

Accessioning a new case becomes much easier. Lab data is safe,and compliant, and there is an audit trail on all actions. Workflow has not only returned to normal but input and turnaround time has increased as well.  APEasy  has got your back onsite or in the cloud. Lets build something great together. For more information about our entire suite of products click here or give us a call at 1-800-647-2263.