Auto Fax

Fax reports directly from AP Easy via a secure web-based faxing solution. Don’t want to use our secure web-based faxing solution? No problem. AP Easy can deliver PDF versions of your faxes to a directory or FTP site of your choosing for use with your own localized faxing software.

  • Reports can be faxed automatically at sign out to the physicians referenced on the case and/or anytime after a case is signed out to ANY physician in your physician library.
  • Cases are queued up and faxed in batches. This means your clients will get one fax with all their reports instead of individual faxes for each of their reports.
  • Optionally, reports can be faxed individually with or without a cover sheet. Why fax each report individually without a cover sheet? Well, there are many EMRs/EHRs out there that can act as a receiving fax machine. This allows your clients to receive the reports, via fax, directly into their EMR/EHR.
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